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A love poem to Earth

Updated: Feb 14

You have a fire in your belly that burns so hot

It opened you up to give life to us lot.

You created the mountains when you burst into life

The land that I walk on, the ground that holds tight.

You nourish your soil from below and above

Keeping me fed with your nourishing grub.

You give life to the trees, to the birds and the bees

To all living things… so many good deeds.

Along with the mountains you created the sea

Without it, I just couldn’t be.

From the sea came the rivers the lakes and streams

You truly are the stuff of dreams.

Your water inside me keeps me alive

And reminds me to flow when I need to survive.

You harvest your water to share it around,

It goes up through your air then back down to your ground.

You are very clever I need you to know

Because without you, I would never grow

The air in your lungs fills my lungs with breath

Without it, there would surely be death.

You send me a breeze on a warm summers day

And you blow through the trees for them to say hay.

You give me space to allow me to grow,

To see through the trees, up above, down below.

The space all around me, inside and out

Allows freedom to grow, for this I’ve no doubt.

All of your qualities bring me to life.

Your fire, your ground, your air, your water and


All is required to live in your place.

You are the creator of life and the taker of death

I truly am humbled to bathe in your breath.

You have created a world of wonder and beauty

For me to call home while I’m here on duty.

Learning to live, to love and much more

You are the mother I truly adore.

You are always here for me, through good times and bad

Remember the times as I walked on the grass

With my head in the clouds then I fell on my ass?

You reached out a briar to pull me back down

To ground me, to show me all that surrounds.

Though not always thankful I do try to listen

And I am grateful for the message you’ve given.

I love you so much for all that you are

Thank you for birthing me, nourishing me and for my linear.

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