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Aoife Hogarty Natural Health

My name is Aoife Hogarty, from an early age I suffered badly with I.B.S due to stress, the pain was so bad I often passed out. When I was 14, I started practicing kickboxing & martial arts, and continued until I was 22. During this time I incurred a lot of injuries. One in particular was my pelvis popped out of place (I know this because I felt it!) Over the space of 2 years I spent a lot of money on various types of treatments, but they either didn’t work or worked short term.

My doctor told me I had to stop training and fighting, and it looked like there was an operation on the cards! He also wanted to prescribe anti-depressants for my I.B.S. which I wasn’t too happy about.


Thankfully I found Integrated Bodywork & Energy Technique, it absolutely changed my life! In 8 weeks I was back training and not only competing but winning competitions. Not only that, I was much more relaxed, I could sleep better, and the pains in my stomach melted away. I became more aware of my body and could feel when something was out of alignment, so I was able to get it fixed before it became a problem. I started to recognise what in my life was causing me stress and changed it. I became a much happier healthier me, happy in the knowledge that I found something that worked.. finally not just for the physical pain but the mental & emotional too.

I was in my 30s when I trained in Integrated Bodywork & Energy Technique. I spent all my working life in the corporate world and loved it, but this is where my old life ended and my new life began. All 3 courses were intense 100-hour courses with a week-long workshop at the end. During the first course I attended a yoga meditation retreat in Spain, it was there that I really got to work on myself. It made me hungry for knowledge, knowledge about myself and how by working on my own issues I would be in a better position to really help others. I later went on to complete further advanced workshops & courses along with an anatomy & physiology course. I continue to study advanced workshops, courses, healing workshops & retreats. 

Integrated Bodywork & Energy Technique Cert

Mark Cleary - Healer, Teacher, Guide - Dublin

I've always said anyone can learn the work I do and Aoife proved me right on that statement. She turned up on my course with the same enthusiasm and drive and had no problems transitioning from the corporate world. She was definitely top of the class that year, and I knew she would go on to help many people with her natural ability to bring a smile and healing to everyone.


It's been an absolute pleasure to watch Aoife evolve into a healer and teacher over the past few years and I know as she keeps going she will bring that big beautiful smile and energy to many.

I completed a Workshop Leadership & Teaching Skills course under Helen DaVita, a well renowned and respected teacher. The curriculum was based on the level 6QQi framework of National Qualifications and its certificate of achievement is accredited by IICT. The course entailed understanding principles of adult learning and applying the principle of V.A.K., awareness of learning needs and incorporation.


As part of the course, I planned and developed lectures, workshops, and tutorials. I have been developing and running mindfulness, personal development, and meditation workshops successfully since 2017 and I love it. Understanding how people learn and what needs to be taken into account while developing and teaching workshops have given me a great opportunity to really help people.

Helen DaVita

With an immense intuitive ability and a knowledge of what you really need, Aoife has it all. She heals and she empowers, on so many levels. She is exceptional and whilst others come and go, doing this work, she is above and beyond. 

Workshop Leadership & Teaching Skills Cert
Further Development

I did a lot of psychology work with Stuart Greene, learning about how we are structured, our minds, our bodies, how our environment and how we think and see things can affect us. Also about the archetypes and how we are made up of them, the Animus & the Anima and how the ego works. Most of all I learned a lot about myself and that there is always more to learn.  

As part of working with energy I wanted to learn more about the spooky side.. The more I learned, the more I wanted to learn. I attended Healing, Mediumship development & demonstrations, Emotional intelligence of spirit and trance mediumship courses in Arthur Findlay Spiritual College in London. I learned about what mediumship is and how to work with it. Turns out its not spooky at all!


I have been working as a Natural Health Practitioner since 2014, each client bringing something different as everyone’s experience is different. As you can see, I have gained a lot of experience and knowledge in the field of Natural Health, Mindfulness, and Wellbeing. I believe our health starts from within.

My mission is to teach people to be able to help themselves, as we truly are the creators of our own world. Only we have the power to really change what’s going on in our life.

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